Tour Packages
Budget Hotels
Dwarika Residency Hotel Dwarka
Dwarika Residency Hotel

Price Start: INR 1,000

Shree Darshan Hotel Dwarka
Shree Darshan Hotel

Price Start: INR 1,200

Bansi Hotel Dwarka
Bansi Hotel

Price Start: INR 1,199

Nand Nandan Hotel Dwarka
Nand Nandan Hotel

Price Start: INR 1,200

The Dwarika Hotel Dwarka
The Dwarika Hotel

Price Start: INR 1,400

1 Star Hotels
Dwarkesh Hotel Dwarka
Dwarkesh Hotel

Price Start: INR 500

Uttam Hotel Dwarka
Uttam Hotel

Price Start: INR 650

Krishna Shraya Hotel Dwarka
Krishna Shraya Hotel

Price Start: INR 600

2 Star Hotels
Gomti Hotel Dwarka
Gomti Hotel

Price Start: INR 1,200

Goverdhan Greens Resort Dwarka
Goverdhan Greens Resort

Price Start: INR 3,300

Hotels in Dwarka-The Famous Beach Stay

Dwarka city is believed to develop by lord Krishna and dates back to 1500 B.C. The city is situated at the tip of Saurashtra Peninsula on the Arabian Sea, in the Gujarat state of India. It is the ancient city of India and is categorised under “Chardham” sites of our country. The city is believed to rebuild six times by various civilisations and the current Dwarka is the seventh one. It is a great place for pilgrims who visit this city and want to witness the ancient era. People might need to plan a stay to visit all the holy pilgrims of the city. It would be good to book a room in advance to get confirm accommodation after arriving here. One can easily get budget accommodations over here. However, travellers might find it a bit difficult in getting accommodation within luxury hotels.

It’s not that hard to find hotels in Dwarka because it is a tourist city and travellers visit this city from all over the world to enjoy beach life, local culture and delicious cuisines that are offered here. In fact, the city is heaven for sea food lovers and especially fish-fry (locally called, Calamari). Travelling here is a real fun and you can easily get taxi or auto rickshaw to travel across the places. Once having an amazing outing, you will be enjoying a comfortable stay as well. In fact, the staff members are very dedicated and try their best to make you feel as if you are staying in your home.

Stay within Luxuries Hotels

In order to make your trip a memorable one, visit to Dwarka. Plan your stay within a luxurious hotel to enjoy comfortable stay. It will be good to take brief details of the 5 star hotels in Dwarka or even 4 star hotels in Dwarka available in the city. It might disappoint you as there are hardly such hotels under this category. So, you have to compromise with a luxury stay while travelling here.

Segment Hotels of Hotels Lying in Middle

If you are in a mood to book a hotel offering quality services at lower rates than 5 star and 4 star segments, you may look for 3 star hotels in Dwarka or even search your accommodation within 2 star hotels in Dwarka as well. There are quite a good number of hotels within the moderate segments so you won’t find it difficult to plan a moderate stay.

Budget Hotels

If you are on a tight budget, don’t wish to spend more and think that budget hotels in Dwarka are best for you want to stay in a hotel that offers quality services at affordable prices don’t go other than 1 star hotels in Dwarka or even Budget hotels in Dwarka. You can easily get accommodations at one of the budget hotels situated in Dwarka that offer good services at very affordable prices. in fact, there is no need to book them before arrival.

 Being an ancient and devotional city, Dwarka is great place to make a holiday trip memorable. If you are also in a mood to visit here, check out the hotels in Dwarka in advance to book them online before arriving there. We are here to help you. Check out the complete list of hotels situated in Dwarka. That’s not all; you will get entire information of hotels in Dwarka with tariff details as well. Isn’t it great? Star your search today.